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Storage JarMy work in ceramics focuses on the creation of wood-fired vessels and sculpture. For over twenty five years, I have developed my expertise in the art of wood-firing. My current kiln, the Kegonsa Anagama, offers a diverse range of surface qualities when fired for a period of 7-8 days. My primary goal with this kiln is to develop complex firebox surfaces that compliment my sculptural works. This kiln was designed to maximize the firebox in which numerous pieces are in direct contact with charcoal. I apply layers of slip and glaze to my pieces and subject these surfaces to the effects of charcoal over an extended period of time at high temperature. Using slip and glaze in this manner serves to broaden the palette of the natural ash glaze. My vessels and sculpture serve as canvases for the rich textural qualities offered by this process.

The vessels that I make are influenced by traditional East Asian folk-wares. I am interested in producing pots that embody the natural beauty and quiet restraint often expressed by these traditions.

The Fundamental Series evolved over a six year period. These figurative works reflect my love of the ceramic process and my vision of the tenuous balance between humans and the environment. This series combines my interests in form, concept and process.  I have also worked on a series of charcoal drawings entitled Fundamental Drawings. The act of drawing is very satisfying and these works on paper inform my work in clay.

Arlo in black #1The Arlo Series are press-molded stoneware combined with plaster and plywood. This work relates to The Fundamental Series and is a continuation of my investigation into the relationship between humans and their environment. With this new series I have contrasted representational and abstract form and I have combined contrasting materials both of which offer unsettling contradictions.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the most important ceramic artists of our era. My experiences with Peter Callas, Peter Voulkos, Rudy Autio, and Don Reitz have been influential in various ways. The underlying connection between these influences is based on a shared attitude and spirit for clay as a medium. My current collaboration with Don Reitz is based on my wood-firing expertise, but it also continues to reinforce and inspire my own creative work.

Many of the works featured in these gallery pages are for sale. Inquiries are welcome.