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Springhill Tavern Restoration Project

I produced earthenware brick, in the Kegonsa Anagama, for a 150 year old building located on Nakoma Street, Madison, WI.  This historically registered structure was restored by Forbes Construction and Freiberger Asssociates and offered me an opportunity to investigate the potential of wood-fired earthenware.  I began by researching original methods and materials using reference bulletins (Ernest Buckley, circa 1900) found in the University of Wisconsin Geology Library. I then conducted extensive tests that ultimately led to the firing of 2000 handmade brick.  The form and color of these bricks matched the original structure perfectly.  I also experimented with firing pottery and tile in these “brick” firings. I discovered that the palette of colors achieved at earthenware temperatures (1850-2050 F) have great potential when applied to a range of ceramic objects including pottery, tile and sculpture. The following images document the process and some of the finished products.

I look forward to producing brick and tile for future new construction and/or restoration projects.  Inquiries are welcome.